ChildFund Statement on Israel Gaza Conflict

ChildFund Statement on Israel Gaza Conflict

ChildFund New Zealand alongside the ChildFund Alliance Calls on all Parties to Respect and Uphold their Obligations under International Humanitarian Law amid Ongoing Violence in the State of Palestine and Israel

Immediate cessation of hostilities and the provision of urgent humanitarian assistance are vital to the preservation of civilian life.

ChildFund Alliance condemns the use of violence, and the systemic violation of human rights and children’s rights, in the renewed conflict in and around the Gaza Strip. Members are calling for obligations under international humanitarian law to be upheld and for the provision of safe humanitarian corridors that will enable urgent humanitarian aid following the loss of life of thousands of innocent civilians, in particular women, children, and other vulnerable groups.

Decades of conflicts in the region between Palestinians and Israelis have already left children, their families, and communities living in an environment characterized by extreme violence and ongoing destruction. ChildFund Alliance holds grave concerns that the renewed conflict is causing mounting casualties and significant displacement and upheaval of civilians.

ChildFund Alliance’s Italian member organization, WeWorld, has been present in Palestine for over three decades in a variety of program areas. They have responded quickly to ensure the safety of their staff and their families living in the Gaza Strip. As the fighting continues, children’s protection and their wellbeing will continue to be at risk. ChildFund Alliance calls on all parties to respect and uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law, as a denial of humanitarian access is a grave violationi.

ChildFund Alliance calls for all parties to implement a ceasefire and restart negotiations to prevent further loss of life, including the following urgent humanitarian actions:

  • Prioritize the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to allow for the safe movement of people both within and out of Gaza;
  • Ensure urgent assistance can be delivered to children and families impacted by the conflict;
  • Ensure immediate and unrestricted relief operations for the civilian population in respect to international humanitarian law. Civilian populations, medical facilities, and schools should not be targeted;
  • Take action for an immediate ceasefire and reopen a negotiating table based on the norms and principles of human rights and international law;
  • Promote an understanding of the context of this crisis by addressing its root causes; and
  • Immediately restart diplomatic negotiations to guarantee the security and protection from violence of children and their families.


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