ChildFund New Zealand debuts in the South Island

ChildFund New Zealand debuts in the South Island

ChildFund New Zealand's team has expanded to the South Island, with the recent move of our Senior Technical Adviser Sally Angelson to Dunedin. 

Otago Daily Times reporter Wyatt Ryder sat down with Sally this week to have a chat about the move and her work with ChildFund, you can read the article here

Otago Daily Times article about ChildFund's Sally Angelson

We also sat down with Sally and asked a few questions.

ChildFund: Sally why do you want to help children, why is this so important to you?

Sally: I firmly believe that every person is born with the ability and right to thrive, but too many are dealt a rotten hand as a starting point, and need a bit of help in order to live a life of dignity and promise. Having worked in many parts of the world with many people, I have experienced the reality for too many people living in circumstances of injustice, indignity and inequality. 

ChildFund: Tell us a bit about your background and your role at ChildFund?

Sally: I have spent my career working to improve the lives of children and young people, working as a teacher, an aid worker, an advocate and overseer of programmes supporting some of the most vulnerable young people in the world – including here in Aotearoa. I have recently returned to ChildFund after the birth of my second child, but previously worked for ChildFund for 10 years! So I’m both new and old! I’m the Senior Technical Advisor for Youth, and focus most of my work in the Solomon Islands and PNG. 

ChildFund: What skills do you bring to the ChildFund team?

Sally: I bring skills of a teacher, a mother, a youth specialist, an advocate for young people and a manager of many large programmes across the world. We are a team of passionate individuals who all strive to do the very best work for the children, young people and communities we serve. It brings me immense satisfaction and a sense of privilege to do this work. 

Meet the rest of the ChildFund team

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