ChildFund moves to Wynyard Quarter, Auckland's Innovation Precinct

ChildFund moves to Wynyard Quarter, Auckland's Innovation Precinct | ChildFund New Zealand

After 23 years of being based in a city office, ChildFund is moving to an exciting new shared working office at the GridAKL, bringing access to more innovation and collaboration.  This means our work with children overseas and our connections with supporters, who make it all possible, will only get better.

Learn more about ChildFund's move in this short interview with our CEO, Paul Brown:

Thrive: Why is ChildFund moving?  What are the benefits? 

Paul Brown (PB):  Over the past few years we have progressively moved to a more flexible team, which means we no longer require our large office space. So a move to a smaller area where we can share resources with other organisations makes sense.  As part of this working more flexibly we have been focusing on being more innovative, and we are testing new ways of both funding and delivering impact for children.  The ChildFund team is hungry for a space that will help our team to collaborate better not only amongst ourselves but also with other businesses.  We know the private sector / for profit businesses are looking to do more social good and we also know the social sector is looking to learn from the private sector … So we’re thinking, let’s mash those two things together. 

In terms of efficiency, we are moving to space where innovative companies are gathering using smaller office spaces (with workstations) and shared meeting rooms (that can be easily booked) and shared common areas (toilets, kitchens, lounges etc)  Not many other non-profits are working in these spaces, so this will be pioneering for our sector. This move is about a positive culture change and ensuring we are positioned alongside other innovative business. We’re keen to leverage the vibe and innovation from working alongside other businesses, including start-ups.  These co-working spaces also allow us to flex our team up and down according to need or as we take on new projects. 

Thrive: Will the move change anything in the countries where ChildFund helps children? Will supporter’s funds still make the same positive impact for children in need?

PB: Our work helping children and families access healthier futures in our dedicated communities in Kenya, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Timor-Leste, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands continues. We continue to work to our Road Map community driven goals and to our Impact Programme in implementing, delivering and monitoring projects around water, sanitation, education, healthcare, livelihoods and child protection with local partners and community members.  We know these communities are also innovating, with this new thinking often being led by children and youth, so we are looking to tap into this through evolving both how we work and who we collaborate with.  It is an exciting time in community development, and we will continue to share these stories and results with supporters.

Thrive: Where’s the new office?

PB: ChildFund New Zealand, c/o Generator @ GridAKL 12 Madden Street, Auckland CBD 1010 

Thrive: Does anything change for supporters? How best to contact ChildFund?

PB: Nothing changes for our supporters. Our postal address is still PO Box 105630, Auckland 1143 Our email address remains and you can still reach us on 0800 808 822. We are here for you and happy to help with any questions about how your support brings sustainable change to children around the world and any queries about your sponsored children or, donations.

Thrive: Can supporters still visit the ChildFund office?

PB: Absolutely supporters can still visit us. Just let our team know by phone or email and we’ll make sure someone is there to meet you at the shared reception and to sign you in. Visit between 9am to 5pm. There’s an onsite café too!