We're making holiday gift-giving easier with our new Gift Cards

We're making holiday gift-giving easier with our new Gift Cards | ChildFund New Zealand

Do you find it hard to buy gifts that everyone will love? Does the Christmas season bring out more stressful vibes than thankful vibes?

Christmas is the season of gift-giving. It's the time to show your loved ones that you care, but often times we get to 23 December and find ourselves queuing up to purchase the last pair of socks from your nearest department store, because you're going to your auntie's house for dinner the next day.

OK... maybe that's just me. But still, I think the story rings true for many of us...

...holiday gift-giving should be meaningful. 

That's why we're introducing a new way of charity giving in our 2020/21 Gifts that Grow catalogue. Rather than simply purchasing a goat on your auntie's behalf, now you can give her a pre-loaded gift card to ChildFund's website. Watch her eyes light up when she realises that the giving decision is in her hands, thanks to you! 

There are two ChildFund Gift Card options to choose from:

1. Physical gift card

Just as it sounds, a physical gift card is posted to you so you can give your loved ones something physical in person. The card has a unique code on the back, easy to enter upon checkout. 

Be sure to order your physical gift cards early, so we can get them to you in advance of Christmas Day! 

2. Digital gift card

Our digital gift card is sent to you moments after you purchase. Simply choose one of the pre-loaded values on our website and you'll be emailed the gift card. You can then choose to forward on the email, or print the card out and give your loved ones something to open up on Christmas Day.

The digital gift card option is great for last-minute gift giving! 

No matter which option you choose, your friends, family and colleagues will love a ChildFund Gift Card this holiday season. Give one now!