"ChildFund helps me to help children", a sponsor's story

Meet Manisha Patel from Auckland, she has been a passionate and dedicated ChildFund child sponsor for 21 years. Manisha shares her ChildFund journey, what she loves most about sponsorship and why she will keep on being a sponsor.
I believe no child should suffer and go without the bare essentials like water, clothing and food.  I'm not in a position to help children in developing countries in a hands-on way but with my monthly sponsorship donations ChildFund helps me to help children.

I got my first job at the age of 16 working at Kmart in the weekends as a checkout operator, that's when I started sponsoring a child through ChildFund. My Dad always encouraged my sister and I to donate a portion or our earnings and we both decided to sponsor a child for $1 a day, I added $10 per month gift money which goes directly to the child so they can get something for themselves.

After I got married, my husband and I sponsored other children too and, we have donated to projects that help not just children but the whole community

Over the 21 years of have been sponsoring children through ChildFund, it has been amazing to be part of the journey as the children grow up and leave the communities, that are supported by ChildFund, to become independent young adults. When our sponsored child graduates, we always sponsor a new child and we plan to continue doing so.

In the beginning I would select the country I would most like a sponsored child from, but now I just ask ChildFund where is the most need and I am happy to support there.

I enjoy knowing that a child has been given the chance to grow up into an independent young adult and knowing that I helped. I love receiving phone calls to let me know that my sponsored child is moving out of the community to move to the city and becoming independent, it's so great to hear that.

I also enjoy receiving the letters as they were growing up which also included a drawing.  This makes it feel so real.  

Also, I love to hear in letters how my sponsored children are doing at school and also what they bought with the monthly gift money, whether it be shoes, a dress, pencils or books. Sometimes my sponsored child also buys for her siblings.

The world we live in is very fast paced and if you, like me, and are very busy with work and home life, then it is hard to find time to give back to humanity and so I'm grateful that ChildFund makes it possible for me to send money to help feed, clothe and shelter children who need it in poor countries, and their families.

I was born in New Zealand and I feel that New Zealand is like heaven compared to most of the world.  I’m very grateful that my great grandfather made migrated to New Zealand which has given me the privileged life I have today and I'm in a position to give back to humanity.

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