ChildFund and IDYP join forces to discuss innovation at upcoming event in Auckland

ChildFund and IDYP join forces to discuss innovation at upcoming event in Auckland

Are you interested in learning more about how development financing is transforming? Is it time to move beyond our traditional approaches?

In this collaborative IDYP & ChildFund event, an expert panel will discuss how innovative development financing can drive sustainable development alongside the examination of traditional models of funding, where we are headed, and the tensions that exist in striking deals between the private and NGO sector through Impact Investing.

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  • Paul Brown - CEO, ChildFund New Zealand
  • Judy Wan Min Kee - Development Manager, Private Sector, MFAT
  • Paul Wendland - Deputy Director, Business Link Pacific

MC - Sally Angelson, ChildFund New Zealand

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The International Development sector is focused on addressing some of the greatest global challenges of our time through cost effective programming and accountable and transparent relationships with the NZ public and Government alike. Currently, however, the sector is confined by limited funding models and a declining donor base leading to tensions of sustainability of outcomes and future financing. While at the same time, communities are seeking greater engagement, voice, and agency in determining their own futures through new ways of development assistance.

Can Impact Investing seize upon the opportunities that exist and provide a way forward for the International Development sector?

And ultimately, how can we understand its place, and new ways of financing development, in the sector?

If you're interested in learning more, click here to join us on Thursday, 3 June for this exciting event.