Child protection is a key focus for ChildFund

Child protection is a key focus for ChildFund

All children should grow up free from violence and exploitation. Yet there are one billion children around the world who are victims of violence.

That's why child protection is a key focus in ChildFund New Zealand's community development work.

In Emali, Kenya through your support we are working with our local partner Emali Dedicated Children's Authority (EDCA) to educate vulnerable children on their rights. We do this through regular forums and discussion groups giving children a safe and anonymous place to ask questions and discuss topics like child abuse, sexual assault and drug use. 

We are also working with teachers, parents, community leaders, village leaders and local authorities to put in place clear channels and processes for children to report child abuse and for offenders to face prosecution.

In a recent session 34 children and young people took part in a focus group discussion with issues coming up around child labour, sexual assault, violence and drug abuse, with children with disabilities being identified as a key vulnerable group. The lack of action being taking against the offenders was another concern. A teacher from the local primary school is leading the group and is working with ChildFund, EDCA, community leaders and local authorities to address matters and put in place appropriate reporting and follow up channels.

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ChildFund and Child Protection

For the one billion children who experience violence and exploitation, our child protection work is critical. As members of the ChildFund Alliance we work to ensure that global goals to end violence are translated into concrete, concerted and definitive actions in the communities where we work. Child protection is one of the five key focus areas of our work.

Children are particularly vulnerable, especially in places where a myriad of factors like extreme poverty, scarcity of resources, drought, political corruption and climate change make everyday life and accessing help so, so much more difficult.

ChildFund and Emali

ChildFund is working with mothers, families and communities in Emali to take children out of poverty in Kenya.

Education, health/nutrition, water/sanitation, family livelihoods and child protection are our key focus areas. The aim is that the community becomes self-sufficient in providing the basics children need to thrive, and so we (with support) can move on to help another community. 

ChildFund New Zealand works in Emali through local partners to a community devised set of strategic goals (we call it a Road Map). With your support, we can help Emali reach its goal of self-sufficiency in providing the basics to its children through better access to safe water, sanitation, education, healthcare and child protection, along with more livelihood opportunities for their families.

If you would like to join us in helping the community of Emali to reach their goals and in doing your bit to help children in need, please become a monthly supporter through Child Sponsorship or Child Essentials today.

 Thank you so much for your support