Business start-up to give a better future

Business start-up to give a better future | ChildFund New Zealand

Lydia opened her hot chip shop in Emali after taking part in ChildFund training. 

ChildFund New Zealand has been working in Emali since 2006 to take children out of poverty, working to a 20 year strategic plan (we call it a Road Map).

With help, Lydia was able to create her "smart" business plan which enabled her to successfully apply for a small loan, which she used to purchase a deep fryer, a chipper machine and a warmer. The training is run through ChildFund's local partner in Emali, the Emali Dedicated Children's Agency, and equips young people with the skills and resources they need to start a businesses 

The Reliance Cafe is now open for business. Lydia is earning income and helping her family toward a better future. 

ChildFund Road Maps are planned, implemented and managed with the community. With your support through monthly giving, we can help Emali reach its goal by 2026 of self-sufficiency in providing the basics to its children through improved access to water, sanitation, education, health, safety and livelihood opportunities for their families, so they can have better futures.  

If you would like to help children, join us in reaching this goal with Emali. Become a child sponsor or a monthly Child Essentials giver. Thank you so much for working with ChildFund New Zealand, one of the best charities in New Zealand helping children.