Baby Lily's extra special birthday gift for ChildFund

Baby Lily's extra special birthday gift for ChildFund

Little Lily Beaumont, who turned one on Sunday, is ChildFund’s youngest new supporter yet! In lieu of birthday gifts, friends and family attending her birthday celebration were asked instead to consider making a donation to ChildFund.

"Over the last year with a baby shower followed by Christmas, we have been given so much already and we are so grateful to our wonderful family and friends but we just felt we didn’t need more,” Lily's mum Sarah says. 

“Lily is so fortunate to have such kind and generous people in her life but we know there are many children who are far less fortunate who need help." 

Sarah set up the gift register through ChildFund’s partner The Good Registry, a website providing New Zealanders the opportunity to avoid wastefulness in gift giving and to do good at the same time.

Selecting ChildFund as the charity recipient was an easy choice for Sarah as she has seen firsthand the work ChildFund does to help children. In 2014 she travelled to Kenya in a partnership between ChildFund and The University of Otago, while she was completing her masters in nutrition, on a project that led to more nutritional food being available to preschool children. 

"We feel so very privileged and globally so many children don't have what we have." 

A heartfelt thank you to Lily and her family from the team at ChildFund. Lily's birthday gift registry has raised $280 and counting!

Set up your own fundraiser for ChildFund

We need your support to help even more children. Set up your own gift registry to raise funds for ChildFund at The Good Registry or get in touch with ChildFund to set up a fundraiser. Thank you for your help.