After 18 years, she's still as helpful as ever

After 18 years, she's still as helpful as ever | ChildFund New Zealand

With 18 years of helping supporters help children under her belt, Lee McDonnell is the longest standing ChildFund New Zealand team member. We sat down with Lee to ask her a bit more about her experience here at ChildFund. 

Lee has been working at ChildFund for 18 years

THRIVE: Tell us a bit about what you do at ChildFund?

Lee McDonnell (LM): Mostly donor related work so this is largely inward and outbound calls, opening and forwarding mail and also helping donors with visit or child enquiries, child departures and also child deaths (this has to be more personal). But pretty much I do anything I can to help supporters. 

THRIVE: Lee, why do you want to help children overseas?

LM: Having travelled a little bit in my early years, I saw a lot of child poverty and this made a very strong impression on me. By working at ChildFund, I have the opportunity to see communities grow because of donor support.

THRIVE: What do you bring to the team and to the children that ChildFund works to help overseas?

LM: Change here is constant and we are always changing to move forward. So I guess my years of experience here help a lot and I like to think I can grow here too.

THRIVE: What does working at ChildFund mean to you?

LM: Working at ChildFund gives me piece of mind that I am helping children in many places.

THRIVE: When not at work at ChildFund, what do you enjoy doing Lee?

LM: Art, reading (non-fiction mostly), walking, taking photos and haha some armchair sports too.