3 good reasons why ChildFund has partnered with AA Smartfuel

3 good reasons why ChildFund has partnered with AA Smartfuel

With climate change having devastating impacts on communities around the world -- and especially on some of the communities where we work -- you may wonder why ChildFund New Zealand has decided to take part in the AA Smartfuel rewards programme. 

Here are three good reasons why ChildFund has partnered up with New Zealand's favourite, and most widely-used, loyalty programme, AA Smartfuel:

1. We want to thank our Kiwi supporters for their loyalty by adding value...

There are more than 10,000 New Zealanders who generously support our work to help children and you to thrive, in some of the world's poorest communities. Over the past year, we've been exploring some of the ways we could show donors that we think they're amazing.

We've tried out gift cards and promo codes, giveaways, merchandise and contests. And after all of these tests and trials, we've come to this realisation: it's impossible to satisfy everyone! Rather than continue to pilot new ways to show our appreciation for your donations, we decided to align with a programme that we know the majority of Kiwi's already love... AA Smartfuel.

AA Smartfuel is a programme that Kiwis support, believe in, and most of all, actually use! In fact, AA Smartfuel is the nation's most widely-used rewards programme, with roughly 95% of households taking part, and more than 1 million monthly card users. 

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2. Our partnership with AA Smartfuel can support climate action...

When we were looking at a rewards programme that would provide value to our donors, we wanted to ensure we weren't compromising ChildFund's core value of doing no harm to our environment. As the world continues to push for transparent and sustainable programmes, our goal was to find a suitable rewards programme that could push us forward.

Through their Climate Friendly Traveller programme, AA Smartfuel encourage members to convert AA Smartfuel discounds into carbon credits and reduce their environmental impact of travel. That's something we can truly stand behind! 

3. There are multiple ways to redeem AA Smartfuel discounts...

Finally, we wanted to choose a rewards partner that was easy to use. With AA Smartfuel, it's simple to claim your instant fuel discounts... They offer a choice of two fuel partners, with combined nationwide coverage of over 300 locations. Fuel up and swipe at a participating BP or GAS service station and your accumulated cents per litre (¢pl) savings get knocked off the pump price.

However, it was really important to us to find a rewards partner that was able to offer more than just savings on petrol. So, if petrol isn't your thing, AA Smartfuel offers alternatives to redeeming points on fuel. In the free AA Smartfuel app, you can choose to turn your discounts into other rewards, instantly!

Link your Qantas Frequent Flyer account with your AA Smartfuel account to turn your discounts into Qantas Points. Use your Qantas Points for a Qantas or Jetstar flight, upgrades, hotel stays or a range of products from the Qantas Rewards Store.

Create a CarbonClick account with AA Smartfuel to turn your AA Smartfuel discounts into carbon offsets with CarbonClick. CarbonClick lets you track your carbon offsets with full transparency so that you can see exactly where your contributions are going.

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We appreciate your support...

Thank you for your commitment to helping communities through ChildFund. Please contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about our partnership with AA Smartfuel. Email us at info@childfund.org.nz or give us a call on 0800 808 822